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Model: Esec 3200 SC Besi Switzerland AG đặt tại Cham, Thụy Sĩ phân phối các thiết bị bàn dây cho thẻ thông minh có nhà máy đặt tại Singapore. Basic Features Increased productivity of up to 12% compared with 3100 SC (previous generation) Increased bond range at higher accuracy Full set of advanced features (ACNSD, SuperRes, bond modes) Adaptive OSC New MPU with faster HMI response Enhanced copper EFO handling (rotary design), copper light option Additional Features Friction-less air bearing TY bondhead technology: highest accuracy & speed at lowest maintenance cost Reliable RIC / ROC design: lowest maintenance cost at highest uptime Integrated programmable focus for highest flexibility Most ergonomic user interface significantly reduces learning time Large bond range of 60 x 70 mm enables highest productivity State-of-the-art electronics and controlling systems: highest perfomance & flexibility
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    In back-end semiconductor manufacturing, the die attach process is a critical step. At first glance, die attach seems to be a simple ...