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  • Hệ thống XPS Nexsa

    Material Analysis and Development

    Nexsa spectrometer delivers flexibility to maximize the potential of your material. Flexibility in the forms of multiple-integrated technique options for true correlative data analysis and high throughput while maintain research quality results.

    Product Features

    • Insulator Analysis
    • High Performance Spectroscopy
    • Depth Profiling
    • Multi-technique Integration
    • Dual-mode ion source for expanded depth profiling capabilities
    • Tilt Module for ARXPS measurements
    • Avantage Software for for instrument control, data processing, and reporting
    • Small spot analysis



    • Glass coatings
    • Polymers
    • Batteries
    • Graphene
    • Solar cells
    • OLEDs
    • Metals & oxides
    • Bio-surfaces
    • Thin Films
    • Semiconductors
    • Ceramics
    • Catalysts
    • Nanomaterials


    Optional Upgrades

    • RAMAN: Spectroscopic technique used to in chemistry to provide a structural fingerprint
    • ISS: Ion scattering spectroscopy is a technique in which a beam of ions is scattered by a surface
    • UPS: Ultra-violet photoelectron spectroscopy refers to the measurement of kinetic energy spectra of photoelectrons emitted by molecules which have absorbed ultraviolet photons, in order to determine molecular orbital energies in the valence region
    • REELS: Reflected electron energy loss spectroscopy provides information on electronic structure and can measure the presence of hydrogen



    Bring sample features into focus with SnapMap's optical view. The optical view helps you pinpoint areas of interest quickly while developing a fully focused XPS image to further define your experiment.


    • Item Description: Thermo Scientific Nexsa is a fully integrated XPS instrument, with optional additional analysis capabilities
    • X-ray Source Type: Monochromated, micro-focused, low power Al Ka X-ray source
    • X-ray spot size: 10 - 400 µm (adjustable in 5 µm steps)
    • Analyzer Type: 180°, double-focusing, hemispherical analyser with 128-channel detector
    • Sampling Area: 3600 mm2
    • Maximum sample thickness: 20 mm
    • Depth profiling: EX06 monatomic ion source or MAGCIS dual mode ion source
    • Optional Accessories: UPS, ISS, REELS, iXR Raman spectrometer, MAGCIS, sample tilt module, sample bias module, vacuum transfer module, adaptor for glove box integration
    • Vacuum System: 2 x 260 l.s-1 turbo molecular pumps, with automated titanium sublimation pump, and backing pump



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