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Helios G4 CX Dualbeam

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Helios G4 CX DualBeam for Materials Science

Access the highest-resolution, multi-scale, and multi-modal subsurface and 3D information

Subsurface or three-dimensional characterization is often required to better understand the structure and properties of a sample. The latest technological innovations of the Helios G4 CX DualBeam™ microscope, in combination with the easiest to use, most comprehensive software and Thermo Scientific's application expertise, allow the Helios G4 CX DualBeam with optional AS&V4 software for the highest-quality, fully automated acquisition of multi-modal 3D datasets. Combined with Avizo visualization software, it delivers a unique workflow solution for highest-resolution, advanced 3D characterization and analysis at nanometer scale.

Experience the Advantages of the Helios G4 CX DualBeam

  • Fastest and easiest preparation of high-quality, site-specific TEM and APT samples using the Tomahawk ion column
  • Shortest time to nanoscale information using best-in-class Elstar™ electron column
  • The most complete sample information with sharp, refined, and charge-free contrast obtained from up to 7 integrated in-column and below-the-lens detectors.
  • The highest quality, multi-modal subsurface and 3D information with the most precise targeting of the region of interest using optional Auto Slice & View™ 4 (AS&V4) software.
  • Fast, accurate, and precise milling and deposition of complex structures with critical dimensions of less than 10 nm
  • Precise sample navigation tailored to individual application needs thanks to the high flexibility 110 mm stage and in-chamber Nav-Cam
  • Artifact-free imaging based on integrated sample cleanliness management and dedicated imaging modes such as SmartScan™

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Webinar: Advanced DualBeam automation for every need

Register for our exclusive webinar to learn how easy it has become to automate daily routine tasks on your DualBeam instrument using our Python-based AutoScript 4 API. Automation can also increase throughput, reproducibility and ease of use, quicken time to data and boost efficiency.

Event Date: Thursday, June 28 at 8:00 AM PDT. 


Sample surface prepared for 3D data acquisition using the Helios G4 CX DualBeam and AS&V4.

Alumina nanospheres imaged at 700 V using Helios G4 DualBeam. Image courtesy of Mark Darus, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

High-quality TEM lamella produced with the Helios G4 CX DualBeam in 45 minutes using iFast-based guided TEM sample preparation workflow.

Featured Document

Helios G4 CX DualBeam Datasheet

Helios G4 CX is part of the fourth generation of the industry-leading Helios DualBeam™ family. It is carefully designed to meet the needs of scientists and engineers, combining the innovative Elstar electron column for ultra-high-resolution imaging and highest materials contrast with the superior Tomahawk ion column for the fastest, easiest, and most precise high-quality sample preparation and 3D characterization, even on the most challenging samples.

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