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    With more than forty years of experience in the design of spectrophotometers, JASCO offers a complete line of UV-Vis/NIR instruments. The V-600 series consists of five distinct models designed to meet the capabilities required by any analytical laboratory.

    System Description

    From an innovative optical layout to a simple comprehensive instrument control and data analysis software interface, the V-600 series does not compromise on accuracy, performance or reliability. JASCO is proud of its successful analytical instrument development, and is excited about the advances offered by this powerful product lineup. JASCO fully guarantees the reliability and performance of these instruments, and provides a complete range of customer support services.

    The series includes:

    • V-630: General-purpose UV-Vis 
    • V-630Bio: Life Science package 
    • V-650: High resolution UV-Vis 
    • V-660: Exceptional stray light rejection 
    • V-670: Expansion into the NIR region 

    System Features

    Compact Design

    The compact optical design of the V-600 Series reduces space requirements in the modern laboratory.

    Excellent optical performance

    Reduced stray light enables highly precise measurements over a wide photometric range.

    High speed scanning

    High throughput optics and fast detectors provide high-speed scanning without wavelength tracking errors.

    Dark correction

    Stray light reduction features enable highly-accurate measurements of high-absorbance samples.

    Monochromator step scanning

    Step scan function provides reliable peak assignment of samples with sharp or narrow absorption peaks.

    User-friendly graphical interfaces

    New iRM intelligent remote module Spectra ManagerTM II and Spectra Manager CFR

    IQ Accessory

    Automatic accessory recognition.

    IQ Start

    A registered software program can be activated with a simple push of the 'Start Button'.

    Full range of Accessories

    Over 50 sampling accessories for gas, liquid and solid samples are available for specific sampling applications.

    Accurate and reliable

    A USP, EP and JP compliant instrument validation is provided. IQ/OQ support is available as an option.

    Wide wavelength range from UV to NIR

    High energy throughput provides excellent signal-to-noise ratio for the entire UV to NIR spectral range