The Most Versatile AFM System for Materials Research

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  • The Most Versatile AFM System for Materials Research

    Maf: NanoSurf-Switzerland

    Model: Flex-Axiom

    Origin: Switzerland

    Measurement capabilities in air and liquid

    Versatility in applications and modes

    Compatibility with inverted microscopes

    High precision scanning and data acquisition

    The most versatile AFM system for Materials Research

    For success in research, scientists depend on professional tools that can readily provide the information needed, regardless of the tasks at hand. By advancing key technologies and designs, Nanosurf has made the FlexAFM one of the most versatile and flexible atomic force microscopes ever, allowing a large variety of applications to be handled with ease. Together with the C3000 controller anything is possible.

    Key Features & Benefits 

    Flat and linear scanning thanks to flexure-based scanner technology

    True flexibility with exchangeable cantilever holders that have been optimized for specialized tasks:

    – Cantilever Holder Air Only: AFM measurements in air

    – Cantilever Holder Liquid/Air: AFM measurements in air and liquid

    – Cantilever Holder Scanning Thermal: Scanning thermal microscopy

    – Cantilever Holder FluidFM: Fluid Force Microscopy applications

    More measurement versatility with the FlexAFM’s scanning capabilities in liquid and its additional measurement modes:

    – Lateral Force Microscopy

    – Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy

    – Scanning Thermal Microscopy

    – Fluid Force Microscopy

    Compatible with inverted microscopes:

    – FlexAFM Inverted Microscope Option provides a seamless integration with many types of inverted microscopes

    – Readily combine AFM and optical data (fluorescence/phase contrast/bright field) Beyond images A true research AFM is only as powerful as its ability to acquire and combine sample measurement data from multiple techniques. This is where the FlexAFM can do plenty! In the experiment below, this is nicely demonstrated. On an inverted microscope, and in a single setup, the FlexAFM combines bright field analysis, immunofluorescent detection, AFM topography, and force mapping of the internal limiting membrane (ILM) of the human retina into state-of-the-art research towards methods for early tissue diagnostics:

    The Flex-Axiom system

    Flex-Axiom system inside the Acoustic Enclosure 300, with FlexAFM video camera, FlexAFM sample stage 204, I100 scan head interface and C3000 controller.

    The Cantilever Holder

    As central part of the AFM detection system, the cantilever holder contains cantilever alignment structures for exact cantilever positioning and all optics related to Nanosurf’s top and side view technology. It is magnetically attached to the scanner unit to allow quick removal from the scan head for easy cleaning and fast cantilever exchange. Four cantilever holder models are currently available, each optimized for its own specific task.

    High-end AFM controller for more performance and precision

    The versatility and performance of the FlexAFM scan head is brought to its full potential by the C3000 controller. With this AFM controller’s fully digital internal data processing, 24-bit ADC/DAC conversion depth, and programmable FPGA CPU, it is a huge step up from the standard Easyscan 2 controller. It allows highspeed data acquisition, dynamic filtering and analysis, and real-time signal monitoring directly from within the C3000 control software. Through soft- and firmware changes, the C3000 controller can be updated and upgraded to support new options and features at any time!

    Main features

    All digital data processing in FPGA

    24-bit DACs for accurate scanning with widely varying scan ranges

    24-bit ADCs and adaptive filters for high-resolution and low-noise data

    Fast and sensitive digital Z-feedback and spectroscopy

    Fully equiped with integrated thermal tuning, data monitoring, user I/O and signal access, advanced operating modes

    Additional options

    Available C3000 controller options/packages include: advanced spectroscopy, signal modulation, advanced lithography, scripting interface, external synchronization

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