Microtrac PartAn PRO for Process Control

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    The power of online measurement
    Microtrac’s lineup of online dynamic image analyzers includes the following wet and dry solutions:

    Model: PartAn 3D PRO 

    For size range 15μm to 35,000μm. 3D size and shape for particles ranging in size from 35μm to 35,000μm

    Model: PartAn 3D Maxi PRO

    3D size and shape for large materials ranging in size from 280μm to 127,000μm

    Model: PartAn SI PRO

    particle size and shape analyzer for wet dispersions ranging in size from 5μm to 1500μm. The PartAn SI PRO can be integrated into any process loop and features a proprietary sample extraction process that ensures optimal conditioning of your material. Plus, the PartAn SI PRO sample volume requirement is scalable to fit your analysis needs.