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  • Binocular Microscope

    Model: CoreScope2 Brand: Ken a Vision - USA

  • Stereo Microscope

    Model: VisionScope 2 Brand: Ken a Vision - USA

  • Shaker E5 Series

    Model: E series Manufacturer: Eppendorf/USA

  • Innova 43/43R shaking ...

    Model: Innova 43/43R Manufacturer: Eppendorf New Brunswick Scientific-USA

  • Innova 42/42R shaking ...

    Model: Innova 42/42R Manufacturer: Eppendorf New Brunswick Scientific/USA

  • Innova 40/40R shaking ...

    Model: Innova 40 Manufacturer: Innova 40

  • Shakers Inova 2000 S ...

    Model: Innova 2000 series Manufacturer: Eppendorf/USA

  • Automated media prep ...

    Model: MP-1000 PourMatic Manufacturer: Eppendorf New Brunswick Scientific/USA

  • Excella E24 (incubated) ...

    Model: E24/E24R Manufacturer: Eppendorf New Brunswick/USA

  • Large scale Shaker

    Model: Innova 5000 Manufacturer: Eppendorf-USA

  • Roller drums

    Model: TC-7 and TC-8 Manufacturer Eppendorrúnf New Brunswick-USA

  • UV-VIS 630 SPECTROP ...

    Model: V600 series Manufacturer: Jasco-Nhật Bản

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    General Lab
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  • Sputter/Coater Leica EM SCD050

    Leica EM SCD050 Super Cool Sputter Coater Precious and Non-Precious Metal Sputtering and Carbon Evap ...

  • Focused Ion Beams (FIB)

    Reveal below-the-surface defects in materials and devices. A focused ion beam system (FIB) is ...

  • Vacuum oil

    Edwards Ultragrade 19 Oil is specially recommended for use in clean pumping applications. The oil offers ...

  • Tecnai™ Spirit TEM

    FEI is the leading provider of high performance electron microscopes. We have pioneered the use of electron ...

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