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    Thứ năm, 06/06/2013

    Xradia's VersaXRM provides an unparalleled combination of contrast and resolution for all types of materials science. From carbon fiber composite to high temperature ceramics to exotic metal alloys, the VersaXRM can meet all your 3D visualization needs. With spatial resolution down to 1 micron for a variety of different sample types and sizes, the VersaXRM will provide true insight through 3D.

    The superior contrast of the VersaXRM makes it ideal for imaging low contrast, low Z materials. The volumetric data obtained from CT is ideal for applications from examining the effects of stress testing to identifying fiber orientations to measuring porosity.

    With the expanded sample capacity of the MicroXCT-400, a member of the VersaXRM family, scientists and researchers have the added capability to perform in-situ testing of materials. The MicroXCT-400 can accommodate sample sizes up to 200 mm X 200 mm and a mass of up to 15 kg. The extra large enclosure can be used to house additional test equipment allowing for a large amount of flexibility for test set-up.

    Examples of materials commonly imaged using the VersaXRM:

    • Fibers
    • Composite Materials
    • Papers
    • Foams
    • Ceramics
    • Metals
    • Thin Membranes
    • Woods
    • Concrete/Rocks
    • Fossils