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  • Tecnai F20 - The most high-end Electron Microscope in Vietnam
    Thứ hai, 27/05/2013

    The new Tecnai G2 series also includes the highly advanced F20 U-Twin STEM. This tool combines the ultimate resolution in TEM with the ultimate resolution in STEM to make it possible for conducting sub-nanometer chemical profiling using advanced Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS). The F20 U-Twin STEM features an improved ultra-high resolution objective lens, a new, very high-stability scanning system, and high-sensitivity electron detection system.

    "Atomic Resolution STEM delivers valuable information that's complementary to TEM," explained Timon Fliervoet, FEI's product manager for materials research. "STEM gives high-contrast images down to the one Angstrom level and provides an excellent reference image for chemical analysis. Researchers and process development engineers need this tool to better characterize the morphology and chemistry of gate oxides, catalyst particles, and grain boundaries in ceramics. Understanding the characteristics and properties of advanced, man-made devices and structures requires understanding where specific types of atoms are located."

    Systems in the Tecnai G2 series can be configured for analytical, liquid helium, tomography, general life science, semiconductor, and life science applications, among others.

    FEI's Tecnai TEMs have received numerous awards worldwide, including the Good Design Award (G-Mark) from the Japanese Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO), and the Product of the Year Award from the Oregon Tech Awards 2000. Both TEM users and critics have acclaimed the Tecnai as the roadmap for all future TEMs. More than 250 of the first generation Tecnai's have been sold since their introduction.